WEDF Launches “Connected Scholars” Computer Scholarship Program

In Spring 2020, the Worcester Educational Development Foundation (WEDF) announced the launch of its Connected Kids Campaign, designed to support Worcester Public Schools’ urgent goal of providing every student with a computer.

The district identified the additional funds it needed to make this goal happen. With the support of WEDF, we are pleased to say it did–all students were assigned computers this school year.

With the most urgent need met, WEDF’s goal for 2021 was to assist seniors in preparing for the next phase of their education. This was the basis of the “Connected Scholars” program.

About the Program

WEDF wanted to make a larger impact so Worcester students would be able to transition into the next stage of their education prepared for everything that lies ahead of them. Part of this is outfitting students with the tools they need to get the most out of their collegiate studies.

Seniors who wished to apply for the program were required to meet the following qualifications:

  • Acceptance at a two- or four-year college or university
  • Positive attitude and strong work ethic

WEDF was fortunate to have plenty of support from guidance departments within the district, and especially that of Cathy Knowles, the College and Career Readiness Liaison. As a result, the foundation was able to provide computers to 31 WPS graduates from eight high schools.

Looking ahead to 2022, WEDF’s goal is to more than triple this number. The ambitious target is to provide 100 laptops to WPS graduating seniors next year. (Want to help us reach our goal? Click here to donate.)

We are so pleased with the success of this program and look forward to continuing to build it in the future!

2021 Connected Scholars

Ny’Asia Adams-Russell  •  Burncoat High School  •  MCPHS University – Boston
Tigist Asmare  •  University Park Campus School  •  Quinsigamond Community College
Hillary Boadu  •  Burncoat High School  •  College of the Holy Cross
Shayla Bradwell  •  South High Community School  •  Salem State University
David Castillo  •  Worcester Technical High School  •  Worcester State University
Maria Diego Gomez  •  South High Community School  •  Quinsigamond Community College
Kayla Etwaroo  •  Doherty Memorial High School  •  Quinsigamond Community College
Carla Febus-Romero  •  University Park Campus School  •  Anna Maria College
Trinity Graham  •  Doherty Memorial High School  •  Quinsigamond Community College
Noora Habeeb  •  North High School  •  Middlesex Community College
Evelyn HernandezMo  •  North High School  •  Quinsigamond Community College
Abigail Kouevi  •  Worcester Technical High School  •  Quinsigamond Community College
Santos Leucaris Javier  •  Doherty Memorial High School  •  Quinsigamond Community College
Azellie Luyo  •  Burncoat High School  •  Worcester State University
Evelyne Nibitanga  •  Doherty Memorial High School  •  University of Massachusetts Amherst
Sharlotte Nishimwe  •  Claremont Academy  •  Worcester State University
Saidah Nisubreko  •  North High School  •  Quinsigamond Community College
Michael Nixdorf  •  Burncoat High School  •  Worcester Polytechnic Institue
Thantei Nsafoah  •  South High Community School  •  University of Massachusetts Lowell
Paul O’Connell  •  Worcester Technical High School   •  Quinsigamond Community College
Kayla Otero  •  Worcester Technical High School  •  Fitchburg State University
Berika Pierre  • University Park Campus School  •  Fitchburg State University
Neisha Pommier  •  Claremont Academy  •  Worcester State University
Shannon Prosper  •  North High School  •  Quinsigamond Community College
Maroua Rahaoui  •  Worcester Technical High School  •  Worcester State University
Tirsa Ramirez  •  Claremont Academy  •  Quinsigamond Community College
Carlos Ramirez Hualey  •  North High School  •  Quinsigamond Community College
Seraphina Rose  •  North High School  •  Quinsigamond Community College
Julius Tionna   •  Gerald Creamer Center  •  Mount Wachusett Community College
Dayanara Velazquez  •  Burncoat High School  •  Assumption University
Maryann Waleed  •  Doherty Memorial High School  •  Quinsigamond Community College

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