WEDF Announces Fall, 2018 Mini-Grants

 The Worcester Educational Development Foundation, Inc. is funding $ 5600 in mini-grants for educators in the Worcester Public Schools for programs that will enhance and enrich teaching and learning.

The programs align with curriculum and a WEDF’s four main areas of focus:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Culture and Arts
  • College and Career Readiness
  • STEM

The grants are funded through WEDF’s annual Distinguished Alumni & Friends of the Worcester Public Schools event. 

Awardees are:

Chandler Magnet School      City learning, Country learning                      $ 500

Columbus Park                           What a Character                                                    $ 500

Doherty High                               Dose of Fiber Arts                                                  $ 473

Elm Park                                         Hands On, Minds On; Nature                           $ 500

Lake View School                      Opera Meets Lake View School                      $ 500

May Street                                    The Magic of Science                                             $ 500

Midland Street                          Creating a Living Classroom Museum          $ 500

Sullivan Middle                         The Choices You Make                                           $ 188

Woodland Academy               Mixed Media Soundscapes & Test                  $ 385

Woodland Academy              Visual Thinking Strategies                                   $ 465

Woodland Academy              Get Fit at Woodland Academy                         $ 500

Worcester Arts Magnet      A World of Color                                                      $ 452

Worcester Arts Magnet     Taking Art to the Next Level                              $ 155

Worcester East Middle       Sowing Seeds                                                             $ 498

In addition, WEDF will award $ 1000 to Burncoat High School in honor of Unum for its $ 5000 Valedictorian Sponsorship. The use of the funds will be announced at a later date.

The request for proposals and a technical assistance session was offered to all instructional personnel in the Worcester Public Schools. A broad-based committee included representatives from the community and district and also included high school students.

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